Account will activate after 48 hours of signing up.

For monthly subscription there will be a 3-month commitment policy, in which three payments of $19.95 will be collected. After 3 months you will be billed month to month and then can cancel subscription at any time.  To cancel, send

Only one person per account. You cannot share this account with another person. You cannot provide medical symptoms for another person.


Your subscription service can be cancelled at anytime by not renewing on your next monthly billing cycle. You will receive an email notification and explanation of why you were cancelled, and billing not renewed for subscription service.


If you wish to cancel, please send an email to :  with the email address that you registered with. Cancellation request must be received 24 hours of your monthly billing cycle.  You can also place a cancellation request in the Bonum Health App.






The telemedicine consultant is a physician who practices in a medical specialty related to your disease or condition.          


Your image and healthcare information will be transmitted electronically through videoconference to the telemedicine consultant for medical diagnostic assessment and treatment services direction or recommendations. You understand this consultation will not be the same as a physician visit because you will not be in the same room as the consultant. Audio or visual images may not be as good as in person. A telemedicine consultant cannot use the senses of touch and smell to assist in diagnosis or treatment direction or recommendations.


You understand there are potential risks to the telemedicine technology, including interruptions, unauthorized access and technical difficulties. You understand the likelihood of the transmission of this consultation being intercepted by unauthorized persons is extremely small but is possible. You understand my physician, the consultant or you can stop the consultation if it is felt the transmission is not adequate.      


You understand that your healthcare information may be shared with the physician’s and consultant’s staffs for scheduling and billing purposes. Other staff may be present during the telemedicine consultation in order to operate the telecommunications equipment. You understand your consultation may be recorded to be used for data collection, research or educational purposes. All individuals involved with the consultation or its recording will maintain and protect the confidentiality and security of my healthcare and sensitive personal information. You understand you will be informed of their presence and will have the right to request the following:


(a)  ask to omit specific details of your medical history/physical examination that are personally sensitive to you;                                                                                                 

(b) ask non-medical personnel to leave the telemedicine consultation sites; or                  

(c) interrupt or terminate the telemedicine consultation at any time. 


Making any of these requests will not have any negative impact on your ability to continue care by your physician. You understand that if you interrupt or terminate the consultation, it will be incomplete. You authorize release of my healthcare information for this telemedicine consultation.                                                                                                                                                                         

You have been informed of the alternatives to a telemedicine consultation. In choosing to have a telemedicine consultation, you understand that some parts of the exam involving physical tests may be conducted by individuals at the direction or recommendation of the telemedicine consultant. You understand there are limits to specialty consultation via telemedicine. There is no assurance or guarantee that this consultation will eliminate the need for me to see a specialist in person in order to receive appropriate or additional treatment for my disease or condition.                                                                                                                            

If an emergency occurs during the telemedicine consultation, the consultant’s responsibility is to advise your physician and your physician’s responsibility is to treat you for the emergency.                                                                                                                                                                           

You understand and external lab tests or drug prescriptions are not covered under your subscription.





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